Active Master-account level system


Руководитель проекта
Dear players!
It's time to share with you the new system of Master Account levels that will be available on our site starting from today.
Each Master Account has its own level of development: 0 - minimum, 10 - maximum.
Account level increases with the growth of the total donations amount.
Together with the level of the Master account, the size of the cumulative discount increases. This discount applies when using services and when buying items in the Control Panel store.
Below is a list that shows the dependence of the Master Account level on the total amount of donations and the corresponding cumulative discount.
0-499 RUB. = 0 level: Discount 0%
RUB = 1 level: Discount 1%
RUB = 2 level: Discount 2%
RUB = 3 level: Discount 3%
RUB = 4 level: Discount 4%
RUB = 5 level: Discount 5%
RUB = 6 level: Discount 7%
RUB = 7 level: Discount 10%
RUB = 8 level: Discount 12%
RUB. = 9 level: Discount 15%
250.000 and more
RUB = 10 level: Discount 20%
In addition to the cumulative discount, the bonus discounts for donating acts on an ongoing basis. Their size is fixed and does not depend on the level of the Master Account. Bonus discount is activated if you make a donation for a certain amount.
From 350 to 1.749 RUB - Discount 1%
From 1.750 to 3.499 RUB - Discount 3%
From 3.500 to 9.999 RUB - Discount 5%
From 10.000 to 19.999 RUB - Discount 7%
From 20.000 RUB - Discount 10%
All accounts that had a cumulative discount on the old version of the site will receive it also on the new version, in accordance with the new values.
For example, if an amount of 35,000 RUB has been donated to the old Master Account, after the transfer this Master Account will receive the 6th level and a corresponding discount of 7% to all its next payments.
Also, starting from today, the balance from the old site will be restored. If there were any funds on your Master Account before moving to a new version of the site, they will be completely restored.