Daily Adena tax.

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Dear Averians!
The subject of this topic will be useful for the economy of the server, however, this news, I guess, not the most pleasant. But believe me: it is aimed only to benefit the server and support the economy, which contributes to the life of the server.

Science 20.02.17 on x55 server introduced a daily Adena tax.. The cancellation is done on every morning restart server once a day, and it affects absolutely all the places where it can be stored adena: hide it not work, can not even try. Taken into consideration everything.

Adena is deducted as a percentage from each character on the server. The percentage of write-offs depends only on when the character was last in the game:
  • The total percentage of tax on Aden is 7%;
  • The percentage of characters who didn't enter into the game in the last 72 hours is 10%.
At the first entering in to the game after server restart you will see a system message with all the information: percentage and how much adena it was deducted.

Do not panic and rush to write angry messages about the fact that the administrators took away your hard earned adenas.
Repeat, this is aimed to stabilization of the economic situation on the server, which directly affects his life. This is done for your own good.

The tax is current only on the server х55.
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