Averia.ws x7 - Start on August 2017!



Meet the last summer days in the warmth and care of our girls!
August low-rate server x7 by Averia.ws project!

We are guarantee high starting online, successful start and stable work of the project!

ShadowsBad, enemydown, Irreale - this is only a small part of the clans that will go on Averia х7
We have really big advertising campaign, because its not a secret that we are investing heavily in an advertising campaign not only on Russian but also on international markets, collecting the best and huge online! Today we will begin active branding of resources, email newsletters, contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, you will not escape Facebook and announcements of new servers. Closer to the start will begin SMS-sending for the audience from all over the world!

A little bit about the concept of the future servers:
Summer x7 will be a fit for everyone! A simplified exping let you not worry about lost % during PVP, it will create on the server the continuous battles and the fun in any location at any level.However, extraction of resource, enchant scrolls, attributes, epic jewelry and equipment generally is more complicated and close to the low-rate concept. The absence of the buffer in Alt+b will further update bards and supports!

Exp: x7
SP: x7
Adena: x6
Drop: х6
Spoil: х5
Quest Reward: x2
Quest Items: x3
Epaulettes: x4
RaidBoss: х3
.claninfo - clan management service;
.target - list nearby of NPC;
.clanblock NICK 0-240 - block the clan chat for a specified player for 0-240 minutes (only for clan leaders);
.auto - automatic СР / HР / МР potion use (you can set % ingame);
.7rb - shows what kind of Bosses you have killed;
.hellbound - shows the current level of Hellbound
.talisman - combine all same talismans into one talisman;
.ncrelog - for clean your game cache, without leaving a group/instance/game it self;
.attribute - automatic attribution (made for lazy player);
.bot - target the suspected player, and write .bot voice command, this player will be checked by our bot hunter team, that works most of the day;
.augment - automatic augmentation for Jewels & Weapons;
.cfg - character menu, able to change language/chat filter/buff animations on-off/offline buff store/shop and more functions;
.premium - check premium status of your current group (this way you can check if anyone from your group is not an premium member);
.whoami - detailed information about your character;
.offline - Offline trade (Free);
.clan - delegate Clan warehouse privileges
.skill -
Learn skills without leaving the spot, as the PvP server will auto-learn skills, you can disable it in .cfg and learn skills with this command;
Main FAQ section can be found here:http://board.averia.ws/forums/faq.141/
Available from the server start. As a bonus for voting players can get Life Stones, Attribute Crystals, Enchants.
The game have 4 different currencies that you can use in the shop:
Adena - you can get for killing monsters in the game world.
Aver - a special currency, which charged to players for donations.
Fame - you can get involved in sieges/TW for the fights in Olympiad and in the Arena.
Averia Points - charged to all players for the time spent in the game.
  • For adena
    • Armor: Top A-grade
    • Weapon: Top A-grade
    • Jewelry: Top A-grade
  • For Avers
    • Masterwork Armor: B-Grade, Doom heave set, etc.
    • Masterwork Weapon: Top A-grade (SA), Top B-grade (SA)
    • Masterwork Jewelry: Top B-grade, Top A-grade
    • Other: Belts with weight limits and inventory slots
- Items for clan level increase
- Items for learning of clan skills
- Items to pass to the epic bosses (Antharas, Baium, Valakas, Frintezza)
- Driving and Vitamin Pets(w/o supercats etc..)
- Accessory: Hats
- Accessory: Cloacks
- Accessory: Suits (Bonus: +1 to the basic character parameters)
- Accessory: Agations
- Аксессуары: Costumes with +20 all attribute defence
- Potions CP/HP/Buff/Vitality

- Dyes
- Runes EXP/SP/Fame/drop/Weight limit
- Neolithic Crystals
- SA 7-12 lvl
- Consumables
1st profession: 60 Avers or quest
2nd profession: 120 Avers or quest

3rd profession: only quest
Sub-class: only quest.
Max level of sub-class: 80
Noblesse: 400 Avers or quest
Skill learning in towns or using command .skill
No, Auto loot is disabled
The buffer is disabled in Alt+B.
Number of slots: 24 buffs/12 Songs/Dances
Will be located in Gludin, Gludin zone is without taxes. Other zones will have 20% of total item prize, that is sold by player.
Offline trade is available for all players, who have level upper than 20.
Premium Account status price list:
  • 7 days - 180 Avers
  • 14 days - 250 Avers
  • 30 days - 370 Avers
Premium Account stats will be balanced by our arichmetical formula. If one player have Premium Account status and 2nd player does not have it, then each player will receive +5% experience (instead of 10%)
"Bonuses for Premium Users:

  • +10% EXP
  • +10% SP
  • +30% Adena
  • +30% Drop
  • +30% Spoil
  • +30% Epaulettes
  • +30% Weight Limit increase
  • +25% Getting of fame
  • +12% Successful craft chance (If crafter, that is crafting you an item is PA or you do not have Premium status - then your chance is 12%, if both players own a premium status, then it is still 12%)
  • +30% Successful crafting of a rare item (standard 3%, Premium Account users 4%))
  • +3% The chance of successful enchantment of armor/weapons/jewelry
  • A free feature .auto for auto use potions CP/HP/MP
  • The award for each full hour spent in the game (without relogin).
- Standard Events: TvT, CTF, Fighting Club, Last Hero
- Unique events(some events will be launched while server start ): Pumpkin seeding, Medal Collector, Coffer of Shadows, Collector's task
First Siege: 13th August 2017
First Territory War: After Sieges on 13th August (for clans that took castles - according to official mechanics)
Olympiad start: 10th August
Olympiad period: 2 weeks
Hero calculation: on 1st and 15th - every 2 weeks ath month
Limit for 1 window of HWID
Yes will be open, at max level.
Your character has to be level 20 to write in shout/trade chat
Until level 80 including.
Macros decrease cooldown of skills.
There is a delay for spiritshots use.
It will be launched from 16th august
There is 3 windows free. Extra window you can buy for 70 Avers per month
Yes, of course, this will be most optimal suggestion, because, once server is launched, there is a chance for payment services being overloaded. More information about How to buy Avers, can be found here: http://board.averia.ws/threads/donations.43342/ We accept: Webmoney /QIWI/EasyPay/Yandex.Money/SMS/Mobile payment/VISA/MasterCard/PayPal/Skrill and dozen of other payment options.
Yes, you can:
- Participate in the actions on the forum
- Participate in the events
- Yes, all raids, till level 50 drop Avers.
Respaw of the all Raid Bosses will be like on official servers
Night Zaken - 36 players/ max zones at the same time - 5
Bless Zaken needed 9 players/ max zones at the same time - 20
Freya - needed 10+ players/ max zones at the same time - 20
Frintezza - needed 18 players/ max zones at the same time - 5
Tiat - needed 18 players
Open beta starting on sunday, 30th July at 7:00 PM (GMT+3)
Open Beta over at Wednesday 2nd august at 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

Useful information about Averia x7:

  • SMS binding, your Master and game account is for free;
  • Payment adena for items enchantment;
  • Developed Ctrl+C / Ctrl + V option;
  • Developed Anti-scam function;
  • Added new faces/hairstyles;
  • New icons for Talismans and Life Stones
  • If you decide to remove PvP option from item, 50% fame is returned to your character;
  • Developed system "Academy"
  • Upgraded Party Matching
  • Friend Finder
  • Clan dismissal/leave penalty - 12 hours;
  • Leaving from academy - has no penalty;
  • Premium status works on each server separately;
  • Vitamin pets are permanent;
  • Voice command .km-all-to-me DISABLED;
  • Items from 7RB are given to group, that made last hit;
  • Destruction Raids are disabled;
  • In Delusion Camber and Rift there are no regular monsters respawn except Raid Bosses;
  • Once server is launched all Epic Bosses will be dead;
  • Characteristics - Earring of Orfen and Ring of Core were changed;
  • Added PvP Zone on the territory of location Ant Nest;
  • Scamming players - Account block;
  • Flaming, insulting or being a wreck on forums, may result your account to be blocked;
  • It's NOT allowed to trade between servers, including averia servers & our competitors;
  • It's NOT allowed to offer driver services (searching for drivers allowed);
  • It's NOT allowed to trade/sell castles/clan halls & Clans;
  • Allowed to sell characters for in-game currency;
  • New useful features of party matching/resurrection with death;
  • Unique patch at the interface of the game client;
  • Easy system of the clan management;
  • Many useful patches;
  • Daily reward for each player;
  • Bonuses for Premium account owners;
  • The system of clan bonuses (description will be later);
  • Unique rank system ;
  • Hero Weapon was changed - now you can enchant it and add attribute(if you break the weapon you will not be able to take it again);
  • Guards in castles were reinforced.
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I'm going on beta, updating client at the moment.. One question, is there buffs/teleport in CB for beta time?


hi Idea my computer warning me this is kind of virus ^^, i downloaded but same error cannot run in this locale
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